10 weeks old pullet possibly in shock


Apr 22, 2021
I heard my chicks make lots of noise outside about 20 minutes ago, they sounded petrified. I’ve gone out to the run and they were all huddled in a corner and making a lot of noises. I think something has spooked them but I’m not sure what as their run is completely fox/rodent proof. My 10 weeks old silkie seems to now be in a state of shock I think. She’s very limp and sleepy and keeps mouth breathing a lot. I’ve checked her thoroughly and I can’t se any injuries on her at all. Does anyone have any advice on how I can help her? I’ve never had a chicken experience shock before. I have brought her inside away from the others.

Just thought it would post some pictures of her too. She still isn’t moving and her wings are droopy.
I googled it and gave her some water with a very small amount of sugar in it to give her an energy boost and she has perked up fantastically. You wouldn’t have thought seeing her now that she was even in some form of shock. I think I am gonna leave her inside and monitor her for a few more hours and then allow her back into the run with the others if she stays this perky. Chickens never fail to surprise me.

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