10" wide entry to nesting boxes...

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Sep 13, 2011
southern Michigan
Nice! You can raise them right in that coop, at least after the first week or so. Shipping is hard, so I like mine in my garage brooder for a week or so. Actually, mine stay in the garage for a bit over two weeks, so their Marek's vaccine has time to work.
Assortments are fun! Especially at first, because it takes time to decide what breeds you like, and who does well.
If you add your approximate location on your profile, it helps too.


Sep 16, 2019
Southwest Georgia
Cackle hatchery has a 15 assortment of multicolored layers. They typically ship 17 or 18. Playing this to mail order those and raise them in the garage.
I have only ordered from them once and it was a great experience. I am thinking of ordering some Black Jersey Giants from them and maybe a couple others. I hope to one day get their assortment of multicolored layers or just slowly create my own assortment through the years. Right now I have olive eggs, white eggs, brown eggs and light brown eggs.

Hopefully one day I’ll get some blue and speckled and chocolate colored eggs. Do let us know how their assortment turns out!


Feb 11, 2020
NW Florida
Looks really good and very solid! Working alone is tough, I know and agree 100%

What type of roofing and flooring material do you plan to use?
Right now the floor is 5/8 untreated plywood. My thought has been to leave it like it is. What's the consensus on that? I see where some folks will lay vinyl down... ???? Pros and cons?

Roof will be 5/8 plywood decking and then metal.
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