10" wide entry to nesting boxes...


Apr 6, 2017
B C Canada
You can built them each there own nest box but they mostly only use a few, Your nest are fine, You can line them with your shredded mail or papers , keep them dry, them put shaving on top, Just relax and enjoy your hens and there eggs ,I have a curtain on the front so they can hide behind it, keeps it darker


Feb 22, 2016
New Hampshire USA
My Coop
My Coop
They are fine~ Share your coop when finished! I am sure lots of us would love to see it. LOL, I agree with some here----You hens will probably only use 2 or maybe 3. I have 2 nesting boxes, and 6 hens, soon to be 8. I have seen an empty nestbox, but 2 hens are either fighting over one or 2 are cramming into the SAME box. Sometimes one will lay an egg on the floor of the darn coop because she can't get into the box she wants when one is empty!!!


Jan 20, 2020
I built a 10' x 8' coop with 10" nesting boxes (5 of them). Before I built it, I bought x 3' x 4' manufactured coop. I had 4 starter chicks and the Smallwood p was fine. The following year we bought 12 more chicks. While they were in the broader box, I built the new coop. The 4 originals don't like the new coop, but the rest of the flock love it; except when it comes to laying their eggs. ALL of them go to the little coop to lay their eggs, and except for a few really rare occasions, they ALL lay in the SAME nest. We pull eggs out sometimes 3 times a day. Sometimes we get a d dozen eggs a day. It is kind of funny if we go out for a day, and come home to All those eggs in one nest. I thought about tacking up a sign, " don't put all your eggs in one basket".


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Sep 6, 2019
Is this your first flock or you’ve had others before?
Yeah, you’ll eventually keep adding especially if you have the means to. They are so addicting and entertaining!
Chickens are so addicting. My neighbor moved and left their chicken . I adopted them and bought a chicken house and a heater . Its only 4 chickens and a Rooster. I am retired and my chickens are exactly what I needed to fill my days . I bought a dog lot 10x10x6 high. I am going to add to it this spring . I would get more chickens but I have heard my chickens may not except them .
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