11 chickens missing, 2 dead


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Dec 28, 2010
It's been dark here for a few hours but I just went outside to close to chicken coop doors because I was late getting home and my husband forgot (although the chickens are my responsibility and not his). I turned on the outside lights and can usually see inside our chicken coop but didn't this time. I found that 11 of the hens are missing! I found one hen with a missing wing and and a single head with the neck still atttached. Both of these were outside of the coop. I could see no other signs of attack or fighting, no feathers or anything. I suspect something got them while they were sleeping, but what would disappear with 11? I totally blame myself and now more than half of our flock is gone. We've never had a predator problem before, after 2 years of keeping chickens for nearly 3 years. I don't really suspect a dog as our neighborhood is pretty much dog free and I think that our dog who useless when it comes to protection would have at least showed an interest in another dog.
they could have fled to the trees and bushes for protection.. maybe the 11 will show up in the morning..
Yep.......flight is survival. Those missing are in hiding. It's a shame the chickens pay in our learning process. The chickens may be your responsibility but your husband being that lax is a little sick. Does he not care? Really a shame.
I agree that most of the the rest ran away and will show up in the daylight. Sounds like a larger predator like a dog or racoon.

A roaming dog will go a long ways. Just because you don't have one close doesn't rule it out. I had one that came to my place that lived six miles away.
I'm not a husband, but I will stand up for him. If she didn't ask him to, he isn't going to do it. It's a guy thing. I always try to be precise. Because my husband doesn't lock up like I do. Ur has no idea who belongs where. So don't bash him. Maybe he didn't know she was going to be late.
Yeah, a raccoon could have done that. Don't beat yourself-it happens. About 4 years ago, my son (6 at the time) went out to feed his girls to find every single one killed/ missing (almost 30 dead or gone!!). He was a wreck and it was a gruesome scene. We started to pick them up but thought to leave them one night thinking whatever it was might come back. Sure enough, we caught the coon coming in for seconds, took care of it, and sealed up the the gap in the barn ceiling where it had pushed in.

I definitely agree that they could be out hiding as well and will wander home. I'd be out shaking a can a feed to see if they might not just come a'running.

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