11 chicks-all pullets??


10 Years
May 2, 2009
The Redwoods of California
I hatched 11 peeps of my own and they're now a month old. I am seeing NO signs of developing combs. How can this be- all 11 pullets?

I know, I know, they're too young to really tell, but I'm too impatient- I thought there may be some teeny tiny sign- like a bit pink or something, but I see nothing. Yet.

All 11 could be girls? I can't believe my luck!
WOW, maybe you outta play the lotto since you are so lucky!
I have 48 3 week olds and it is looking like I have a pretty good mix.....
Even if there is a roo, that is about 20x better than I could hope for, I can't even get that many to hatch from a broody.
Wow, I have hatched 18 chicks and have at least 13 roosters, probably 14. (second hatch is 4 weeks old so not sure on all of them yet).
I expected at least 50/50
I have 4 for sure pullets in the entire group. I think you got the rest of my odds.

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