11 week old chicks, cut the apron strings already?

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    I have a Silkie foster mom who has done an absolutely fabulous job of incubating and raising 6 polish chicks. The kids are now 11 weeks old and still follow her everywhere, every minute of the day! Despite being almost as big as their mom, they still try to hide under her, and rather than roosting at night they still huddle up underneath her. [​IMG]

    My questions are,

    Do you wean chicks away from their mother or will she eventually kick them out the nest so to speak?

    At what age should they be fending for themselves?

    How do I teach them to roost - their Silkie mom has never roosted so I don't think they have even realised they should give it a go.

    When is Mama likely to start laying again?

    thanks for your imput [​IMG]
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    I have no idea, but i remember hefers nursing from their mom when they were almost as big as she was. I would have given them a kick in the noggin. poor little silkie.
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    My EE group became independent at the young age of 8 weeks. I was very surprised but they took off on their own group in the yard.
    Now, at 12 weeks I am still forcing them onto a roost instead of a nest.
    They don't roost with the main group, they seem to have formed their own.

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