11 Wk Old Roosters. Phila.Burbs.3-Silver Penciled Rocks ; 1-Black Cochin ; 1-Blue Lace Wyandotte .


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May 21, 2013
South Eastern Montgomery Co. Pa
I have a few roosters looking for a place to be.
They were Hatched on June 14,2013
-83 days old today/11 weeks.
Two of the Rocks like doing the stare down ,That is their favorite past time with one another .The other guys don't . They have been handled +2 times daily . They are quite friendly. \
Raised/Housed together.
Fed McGeary Organics since day 1.
Vaccinated for Marks and Coccidiosis

These are the Silver Penciled Rocks

Black Cochin


I posted these guys here figureing they have a better shot at a good home vs craigs list.I'm checking with some local farm to see if they would like the addition to their flock.

Thank You
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I Take the Turnpike to Lebanon exit266. Rt 72 to 322 W. These Guys are large foul . I'm down to two Silver Penciled Rocks and the Black Cochin . The BLW and one of the SPR have been spoken for. I'll be up that way thursday night 9/12 or friday morning 9/13 of next week.

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