114 degrees????? Does anyone ever bring their chicken inside???


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Nov 16, 2009
Midland, TX
Even with a water spritzer and some shade not sure this temperature is going to be ok!

Has anyone ever brought their chickens inside??

Arizona chicken owners???? What do you do??
Keep the water plentiful and in the shade. Make sure the birds have shade. Insure good air flow. The more the better.

They'll lay around during the heat of the day and become more active in the early morning and early evening just before dark.

They'll be OK. Maybe not very happy, but they'll be OK.
Shadeshadeshade--Lots of water, some water pans they can wade in, MAYBE a mister, frozen water bottles, wet down the run for "evap" and sometimes I'll make AC rooms like this:


Big things- SHADE & WATER
Ours like a nice pit of sandy loam in the shade they dig a hole and sit in the cool dirt. Some breeds take the heat better than others Cochins don't do well. Keep the shade plentiful and a mister doesn't hurt.
My coop is a single wide mobile home and when it starts getting hot I turn on the evaporative cooler plus there are fans in most of the rooms too.
Yep. The other thing I take into consideration - I leave my chickens alone during the hottest part of the day. They get all excited and cluster around when treats are brought out, so I don't do that when it's hot. Left to their own devices, they'll rest in the shade.
I live in Tucson AZ and I am a first time chicken owner. I got 2 black sex-link chicks on October 1st and I have been worrying since then about what I was going to do when summer is here and it will be over 100 degrees most of the summer. Today it's 101. I finally figured out how to solve the problem. I bought a wire metal dog crate and put it against the doggie door so the girls can come in the house when it's hot and not poop all over the house then go back to the yard when it cools down. The dog doesn't go out when it's hot so he doesn't seem to mind his door being blocked during the day.

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