12 Araucana Hatching Eggs

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    My fiance and I fell in love with the the rumpless tufted Araucana breed when we noticed that they had the funniest personalities. We found them to be quite unique due to their tufts that are composed of a group of feathers that grow from a protruding flap of skin located near the ear, called a peduncle.
    The tufts gene is lethal when present on both chromosomes (homozygous) so we have found it best to breed our tufted Rooster to our cleanfaced Hens. When you purchase chicks or adult birds from us the can be a mixture of tufted and clean-faced birds. There is wide variability in the size and shape of tufts which we are perfecting with every generation. Come and visit our farm and you will see that our Araucanas are quite showy with their tufts which makes for an unforgettable impression! O-yeah and don't forget they lay true blue eggs!

    We normally collect 3-4 eggs per day and ship on Mondays to ensure your eggs arrive as fresh as possible!

    Shipping is $15 flat for USPS Priority Mail.
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