12+ Assorted Colors American Longtail Project hatching eggs

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    American Longtails​

    American Longtails are a special creation we have come up with here at Stewart Longtails.. They are bred for non-molting, though all do not exhibit this trait. They are very similar to phoenix, but notably have a pea comb rather than a straight comb. This is much more convenient for long-tail enthusiasts who live in the northern climates here as they are not susceptible to frost bite like straight combed birds. They are also a bit heavier bodied and more muscular (almost game-like). These were created from several breeds and come in several colors. If you have any questions or are interested in these please check out our For sale page on the website.. We are offering a dozen assorted color eggs..They are listed as project, because you may get an occasional straight combed phoenix bird.. Eggs will be $50 a dozen and We will send extras. Shipping is an additional charge of $15. We can not guarantee hatching eggs due to postal shipping through the usps. But we have checked for fertility and will pack them the best we can. Thanks for looking.

    Cream Blue ginger

    lemon blue
    White pullet
    silver pullet
    bbred pullet
    brown red pullet
    black rooster


    silver duckwing
    blue silver pullet
    more silver American Longtails
    cream blues
    blue silver rooster​

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    I found a older listing,want to see if you still selling long tail eggs

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