12+ Bantam Cochin hatching eggs


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Feb 1, 2010
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Up for bids, a generous dozen of these test eggs from my flock of bantam cochins. I have a black rooster, and black or blue hens all in one pen. These are the sweetest little birds! Even the rooster is a nice guy. I call these test eggs because i have not incubated any yet. I have found bullseyes in eggs I cracked open, so i believe he is getting the job done. Planning to get pictures tomorrow if it does not rain. As always, I can't guarantee hatch rate on shipped eggs. They are individually wrapped in bubble wrap, and then carefully packed for shipment. I will combine shipping if you bid on multiple auctions.
Sorry, not yet. The birds are in the barn and it is hard to get pics there. Young birds, and very pretty. Nice cushion. deb

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