12+ Barred Rock Hatching Eggs

Grampa with chickens

14 Years
Nov 23, 2008
Brooksville, Florida
I have Barred Rock hatching eggs for sale. My birds are just a year old and laying like crazy. They are very fertile as I have several in the bator now. I will send extras as there is no shortage.
PM me with your orders.
I got eggs from grampa last year. They were Rhode Island whites. He packaged very well and shipped them right out. I also had no broken eggs and I had a hatch rate of almost 75% on shipped eggs. I am in NC and he is in Florida. I think that was great. He also is very helpful in infomation on his types of chickens. I had to sell my flock due to health reasons. The guy I sold the Rhode Island whites just lost his Rooster and he is trying to get eggs from Grampa right now because he likes the chickens so well. Grampa is a great seller. Later, Dave

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