12+ BBS Orpington Eggs


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Mar 24, 2010
Hey Ya'll!

I have 5 dozen BBS Orpington eggs available to ship NOW! I had an order for them and I have them prepared to be shipped tomorrow. The oldest eggs are 7 days old and I'd like for them to be gone ASAP!

I had a buyer for these and they have had unforeseen circumstances in their family. They've asked me to hold a shipment for them for a few weeks.

I always send extras and I have had good success in shipping.

I have four breeding pens: 2 pens of Blue Orpingtons 1 pen of black hens with a Splash Roo and 1 pen of Splash Hens with a Black Roo these eggs will produce a larger percentage of Blue chicks

If you can help me out and take some or all of these off my hands please email me [email protected] or call me 859-262-5492
If you are local maybe we can meet for delivery.
I will ship as soon as I receive the Pay Pal confirmation.


I am not sure if they are American or English. It never really mattered to me. I will see if I can research it and find the person I ordered from originally. I ordered Blue Orpington hatching eggs from an individual in either Arizona or New Mexico 2009.
We have been so happy with this breed. They are very friendly and docile. Beautiful to have in the yard. They are hardy for cold winters. They lay a medium light brown egg, pretty regularly. The hens tend to get broody after a while, but they are good at hatching and good mama's. I love these birds. Our fertility rate is generally over 90% and our hatch rate has consistently been over 85%
I have several roosters available, I will be posting them this evening for pick up only.

Thanks for your inquiry.
oops, sorry I failed to answer your main question. Yes it WAS $20 + $12 for S/H.
But they are sold.
The regular price is $25 per dozen +$12 S/H. I reduced the price because I needed to get rid of several dozen quickly.

Thank you!

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