5 Years
Mar 19, 2014
Selling one dozen rare SUMATRA hatching eggs.

Sumatras are originally from the island of Sumatra, off of Asia. They are considered a rare breed, and critically endangered according to the Livestock Conservacy. They love to free-range and adults are very adept at escaping predators. They have a good flying ability (for a chicken), and love to roost 30 feet or higher in the trees. They are incredibly friendly and curious, and mine will always try to peck at the shiny parts of shoes and flip flops when I enter their pen. They are not known for being broody, but I do have one that insists on sitting on eggs in the spring. They lay medium white or tinted white eggs.

My birds are not quite show quality (in my opinion), but I am working on it and I should be there in the next crossing. Their feathers are a perfect beetle-like color with purple and green hues all over. Their feet develop into solid black with yellow underneath and their tails on the roos are quite impressive! I'm aiming to slim down the body line a little more with my lines, and reduce the amount of yellow down in the chicks (although it disappears once the adult feathers start to come in, I just prefer less yellow in the babies). I already have one entire incubator full of their eggs, so the excess is being sold. I have one roo at the moment, covering four different hens. A full dozen takes only about 3 days to gather, and will only be sent using the latest eggs collected from the nest boxes, so you will get the best possible hatch rate.

Eggs can be sent Priority Mail using a tested packaging method that helps ensure they arrive safely to you. However, I can NOT guarantee hatch rates, due to postal handling, and incubation environment. I get close to 100% hatch rates on the ones I keep. Shipping price is determined by zip code, but tends to run less than $15 for most of the U.S.
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