12 Blue eggs F/S in Ohio. $20 shipped!!! ***SOLD***

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Harley's girl

11 Years
Mar 28, 2008
Ohio (way out in the country)
I have beautiful blue eggs. I have white and black hens, yellow and black hens, and gold and black hens. I have them in with pure roosters and they are close in color. Well almost. I have a white and black hen in with my Spitz rooster. I have 2 gold and black hens in with my brabanter rooster.
Then I have all colors in with my faverolle rooster. I have had wonderful hatches from these eggs!!!! Even the shipped eggs. I have them in with those rooster because they are from white eggs.
This means they will not be green eggs the next generation.
They should stay very blue!!! I do have 2 hens that lay green eggs, but they are in with my penedesenca rooster (to make olive eggers!) Here is a pic of some of the eggs.
You can see the green one in there.

If you would like a dozen or more or less, just let me know.

$20 for a dozen and $10 for 6. That DOES include shipping.
Send payment to chareia@wifi7.com. (PayPal) Thank you!
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