12+ Buff Orpington hatching eggs


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Up for bids, a generous dozen hatching eggs from this popular breed. I think most people recognise this breed, and they want some! I never have enough to meet the demand in spring, so I bought a second flock. You get eggs from both flocks, for genetic diversity. Whether you want a broody hen, a laying hen or spare roosters for freezer camp, you can have it all with this breed. As always, we cannot guarantee hatch rate after eggs are shipped. Each egg is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and packed for shipment. If you have issues with my hatching eggs, please let me know. I like happy hatchers. Anyone winning more than one auction can combine shipping to save money. Note, BYC will be down for conversion Tuesday.. I plan to ship Monday.
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I would be glad to:) Normally, i would just put up another auction, but can't right now so pm me, we will get you some eggs . Deb
Will the winner of the auction please remit funds . Please remember to include your full name and address as well as the breed you are buying and your BYC user name.
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