12+ Extras Coturnix Hatching Eggs Texas A&M

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    Nov 7, 2008
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    We will have a few extra hatching eggs this week and our bator is full... These are mostly from Texas A&M's But we do have one cage that has Goldens mixed with Tibetans (usually makes some pretty tuxedo looking babies) A few eggs may come from that pin... We have one male to one female so GREAT Fertility!

    These will be ready to ship first thing Tues Morning (that's the day I go in town and can take them to the PO)... I'll try to send about 15 eggs... in case a few get broken but will pack them very well... Price is $10 and includes shipping...

    I prefer paypal but can take MO or checks (but must wait until the check clears so it would be for a future order and wouldn't ship until next week)

    I'm constantly adding new blood lines so they are nice fat and healthy! We keep the pins in the house so the eggs aren't exposed to the cold.

    Thanks for looking!

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