12+ extras true BBS Ameraucana eggs

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    12+ extras true BBS Ameraucana eggs to ship as soon as available. We are getting very pretty Black, Dark Blue, and lighter Blue chicks from this pen. Just had the first 2 Splashes hatch and they are adorable!

    I bubble wrap each egg individually and then foam pad the entire batch and ship Priority Mail.

    I can offer no hatching guarantee on eggs as I have shipped some with 100% hatch and some with a low hatch. Unfortunately once they are out of my hands I have no control over how they are handled, stored, or incubated. If they don't hatch let me know and we'll see what we can work out!


    Due to our hot weather the girls have not laid well the last few days so I have changed the time frame for shipping. This auction will ship as soon as they start laying well again so I can send nice, fresh eggs!
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