12 fertile Iowa Blue hatching Eggs

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    The Iowa Blue is a breed of Chicken that originated near Decorah, Iowa in the early 20th century. In to the 1960s, several hatcheries around Iowa sold the breed, but after these hatcheries either closed or stopped selling them, the Iowa Blue nearly disappeared. Dedicated breed enthusiasts have preserved the breed in to the 21st century, though their numbers remain small. It is an exceedingly rare fowl, and is not recognized for showing by the American Poultry Association. It is listed as "Study" by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy entailing the breed is of conservation interest but lacks the documentation to be firmly categorized.

    Iowa Blues are a dual-purpose chicken with males weighing 7.5 pounds and hens 6 pounds, they can produce a fair amount of meat. Hens lay a good amount of brown eggs and will go broody. They are also known to be good foragers, and will do well in free range conditions. The breed has red earlobes, and a single comb. They appear in a single color variety, which is not actually the blue color defined by poultry breed standards. It has a silvery white head, and the body plumage is black with white lacing. The back is also white in roosters, and the overall color is technically referred to as "penciling".

    The Iowa Blue is the ONLY breed of chicken I raise. Therefore 100% of my efforts are dedicated to breeding a better Iowa Blue. My "AA" breeding pens are roosters and hens that meet the traditional breed standard. My "A" breeding pens are the over pencilled roosters over under pencilled hens. This lot will consist of both "AA" and "A" breedings.

    Birds originated from Sandhill Preservation-IA and Ideal Poultry-TX
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    Would you please post some pictures of your stock? Thanks.
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    A group of us have started trying to resurrect this breed in Iowa. Ours are from Ideal and Privett and are just now starting to lay. We'd be interested in hearing what you are working on. What standard are you working toward? I think there is a couple of IA Blue threads but this is the one we've been on. I would be interested in eggs if they would support my program. Are the parent birds from the hatchery or did you raise them? Love to see pics [​IMG]

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    My computer is down but I should have it back later this week. It has my pics and standard (in detail) that I am breeding towards. The birds originated from Ideal and Sandhill.
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    I'd love to see the pics. It would help me talk hubby into it.
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    Where in Illinois are you ,anywhere close to chicagoland?[​IMG]
  7. When you say you are "breeding to the standard" what are you useing if the birds are not recognized by the APA? Is there a club that has a standard?

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