12+ Frizzle Turken (Naked Neck)


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Feb 12, 2008
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ALL MY TURKEN ROOSTERS ARE FRIZZLE … so chicks may be frizzle naked necks!

I am hatching at least half of the chicks as frizzles. Occasionally a chick will not carry the naked neck gene, and on rare occasion, a chick will be frizzle, but not naked neck. They are all big, beautiful & healthy breed birds. Some of my blue turken hens came from a fellow BYC member (jmhappycowboy) birds.

The Transylvania Naked Neck is often called Turken. Some people think it is a cross between a chicken and a turkey because of the unfeathered area on the neck. This skin turns red when exposed to the sun, further paralleling the turkey. However, this is actually the result of a single gene that affects the arrangement of feather-growing tracts over the chicken's body. It can be easily introduced into any breed. Turkens have no feathers on a broad band between the shoulders and the base of the skull. They also have a reduced number of feathers on their bodies but this is not evident until the bird is handled. This characteristic is a novel feature that does not detract from the utility of the bird. Stand cold very well. Our Flock has been NPIP tested and Certified!

I ship priority mail, and take boxes directly to the Oklahoma City Airport Post Office, where they fly priority mail daily. We pack each egg individually, with napkins & bubble wrap, then bundle the eggs together with tape, in the middle of the box then surround the eggs with lots more bubble wrap. We use the largest priority box available thru the post office, to ensure the best survivability of the eggs.


Month old Frizzle Turken chicks

I'm trying to resist these but my resolve is failing...is there any possibility that you might have eggs for sale later on? We lost our favorite roo this winter, our big ole Partridge Turken Ollie, and my kids and I, and even my mother, we all miss him so much. He was like a gentle giant, and he left behind a hole in our hearts when he passed, and I'd like to get more Turkens. The idea of Frizzled Turkens is just awesome, but I'm just as happy with smooth feathered. I'd definitely get some when my bators are empty around the beginning of May.
Yes, we'll definitely have them available later in the year, barring any disaster. They lay well for us year 'round. That's what's great about turkens - they are probably one of the hardiest breeds of chickens.

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