12++ Mixed Assortment hatching eggs


10 Years
May 20, 2009
North Florida
PM me if your interested.
I can ship them out Tuesday or Wednesday, just let me know.
Since my hens are laying pretty well, I've decided to offer some
hatching eggs!
I will send a couple extra just in case any break.
I will collect the eggs the day before I ship them so they are very fresh.
I will try to include a couple of eggs from my Buff Brahma hen which is crossed
with my Buff Brahma rooster so you will get pure Buff Brahma chicks.
I feed my chickens layer pellets, fruits and vegatables frequently.
They are very healthy chickens.
I free range just about everyday and they get locked up at night.
I clean my coop about every 2 weeks.
I keep the two roosters listed below separate with plenty of hens for each rooster.

Note: If you live West of Calorado I must add an additional $2.00 to cover for shipping costs.

You may get anyone of these mixed breeds listed below.

Roosters: Buff Brahma and Blue Laced Red Wandotte.

Hens: Ancona, Barred Rock, Black Minorca, Blue Andalusian, Brown Leghorn, Buff Brahma, Dark Cornish, EE, Partridge Rock, Rhode Island Red, Silver Spangled Hamburg, White Cochin and White Rock.

Buff Brahmas


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