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These eggs will be shipped after paypal is received tomorrow June 1st.

12 + Olive Egger hatching eggs I have a Blue Copper Olive Egger Rooster (pictured) over my Olive Egger and Black Copper Marans hens. These offspring will be 2nd generation Olive Eggers and will produce medium and dark Olive Eggs.

I have hatched out many chicks, and currently hatching more. The chicks will be blue, black and splash, some will have coppering. Fertility has been excellent. The eggs you will receive will be various shades of olive green and dark brown (pictured, laid 5/27/2011).

Eggs will be packaged in bubble wrap and tightly secured with newspaper and bubble wrap mailed USPS priority box. PayPal only.

As always we can not be held responsible for your hatch rate due to Post Office handling, incubation practices and such.






Please see my website for more information and pictures:

Thanks for bidding and Happy Hatching!!
Hey there! I think we hatched our first hatch together a long time ago.
Pretty, birds! Can you tell if the chicks you're hatching have beards/muffs? I'd love another OE hen, but really want one with a beard and muffs!

Hope all is well!

Hi Beth, I think we did, I had a horrible hatch, ugh. But I have improved my hatching skills, greatly, thank goodness. Are you hatching at this time?

As for beards and muffs, my Rooster has muffs and a small beard, but all of his offspring mostly have muffs, with the occasional clean face. 2 of my OE hens have muffs and I have one clean faced OE hen. All pictured.

Here are some blue and splash OE chicks that just hatched today from my Game hen broody.

You can't quite tell but all the chicks have muffs.



Hope this helps. Thanks for checking out my auction.

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