12 out of 13 dead in shell.fully grown?? geesh

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    [​IMG] I know this has been addressed before..... but here I go.if you have the link to a thread please post it of help me figure out what happened to this batch.
    I had 12 or so eggs in bator doing great , all growing , then on day 24 one lone chick hatched.........I waited another 2 days and broke open the ones who did nothing......they were all in shell,no pipping,fully grown,dead ?? Made me sick.
    Temps and humidity were right where they were supposed to be, I didnt even candle these or open bator near as much as I have in the past? any ideas?
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    I am sorry you lost your hatch. I had one week before last that developed through day 21 and nothing hatched. I have no idea why. They looked shriveled and gross. It was bad and they were from tiny little eggs, much smaller than I expected orp eggs to be.

    What kind of incubator are you using and the thermometer? If you got a chick on day 24 that is a late hatch and indicates to me that the temps were low at some point.
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    Thank you both.....it is discouraging to say the least. I check out the list you posted speckled.....my temps and humidity were right on the whole time. I had only one spike in temp and that was on 101 a few days before moving to hatcher.....I guess one can't "know" all the time..... I have one lone egg ,from my sweet friendly little siesta going into hatcher wednesday and sure hope it works......and 12 turkey eggs to hatch next week, sure wish I knew .......I appreciate your comments and info.....
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    Quote:I am using a LG, worked fine with other hatches...... temp always maintains right.come to think of it I did have one day it went down to 97 but it came right back up..... thermometer is made for this job... humidity gauge I have tested and its good...????/who knows?
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    I guess I am lucky, I use only still air
    L G's Model 9200 with a turner. These go to school projects and health care hospitals. With them I get an average of 80 %. I only check on them once a week and I tape them closed so no one opens them. A few times the alzheimer patiens have messed with the temperture. My main incubators are white silkie hens. If an egg is fertile they will hatch it. With the hens I don't need to worry about temperture, humidty or candling. If an egg is bad, she will kick it out.
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    Quote:I am thinking I just need to never open it, temps and humidity stay fine...... I do not open much,just to check water........but I agree,you seem to be lucky.this has a fan.....and turner so I don't need to be in it.....am going to set one lone egg and then turkey eggs this weekend..hoping it goes better.........
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    Sorry to hear you didn't have a good hatch Okiechick57. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I had a temp spike of 103 in my still air on day 18. It killed all of my fully formed chicks. I don't know if the 101 temp would do the same, but it could be a possibility.
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    Okie, I sent you a pm message. I have some eggs if you want them for running a test on your bator.

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