12+ Porcelian ,Lavender & BBS silkies & BBS showgirl eggs-

Little Ameraucana Mom

Need Help, Can't stop hatching!!!
11 Years
Jul 8, 2008
Greencastle, In
12+ Porcelian ,Lavender, BBS silkies and BBS showgirl eggs-

Hatching eggs are a risk. I'm not responsible, once they leave my hands. I do not ship to other countrys or Hawaii or Virginia. Alaska might be more for shipping.

Paypal only: [email protected]

We do show ours. Res. Champion Bantam, many BB and BV

1. blue showgirl pen. (blue silkie cockrel with Blue showgirl hens)

2. BBS silkie pen

3.. 2 porcelian cockrels and one Lavender cockrels in with 1 buff,3 buff/lavender split silkies , and 1 porcelian showgirl hen.

4. Lavender group is all lavs silkies, except for 1 split hen.

5. Lav silkie cockrels with Lavender silkie hens, and black showgirl pullets

chicks hatched


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