12+ Potpourri Eggs: Cinnamon Queen, Egyptian X, BCM, Silkies & more!


Have bator, will hatch
11 Years
Sep 24, 2008
Southeast Georgia

In my large coop I have:
Roosters -
1 RIR, 2 Black Copper Marans, 3 Silkies (1 white, 1splash & 1 blue)

In the pic the eggs look white, but they are light blue.
Hens -
Cinnamon Queens, Black Sexlinks, Egyptian X RIR, Blue Silkies, White Silkies, Splash Silkie, EE, Mystery Chicken (white with pink legs, she lays beautiful BIG creamy brown eggs) Wyandotte X, Grey Polish X, Grey Cochin.

You could get a lot of interesting chicks from this mix. The roosters are very active with the girls in this coop and fertility is very good. I have some chicks from this group that hatched out in November and they are very cute & healthy.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions you might have.

See pics of my flock at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chickencoop31320/

keep my nesting boxes clean and ship only the cleanest and best eggs from all my birds.
Eggs will be fresh and sent out either Monday, March 1st or Tuesday, March 2nd.
Al eggs are shipped priority mail with confirmation number.

Payment is due at the end of auction, paypal only please.
Paypal Info: [email protected]

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