12+ Rare Bantam Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock Eggs..SQ Flock..PICS


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
NY Tri State region
The Roo has a great beetle green sheen to his black feathers. It was hard to capture in the photo.************Up for auction is a dozen freshly collected eggs from my SQ Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock Bantam pen(light brown eggs). The girls are laying great, so I added a couple of freeby's. The auction is now 12+. I had 3 of my girls go broody & hatch out 2 dozen baby's over the coldest part of the winter. Fertility is very high,& my bator & brooders are full. This is a rare chance to purchase eggs from this blood line. I've had an incredible 100% hatch rate both in my bator & with the broody hens. I can only except a Postal Money Order! The eggs I ship you will be the freshest laid from the 4 days prior to receiving payment. If you have any questions please feel free to post them, & I will do my best to answer them in a timely manor. Shipping in the US only...... Thanks,Chris





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Thank you. This is an old bloodline that originated here in NY (Where all Plymouth rocks originated),& I'm proud to beable to keep them going.
Chicka, came in for Sunday brunch, & to scroll threw BYC. She was amazed to find her friends selling their eggs here.

She wanted me to remind you(because she has a hard time typing) that there's only 2 hours left for her SQ Plymouth Rock friends auction.

I think she has a thing for that Roo!
I want these so badly if I had another pen or more room and wasn't leaving for college next year I would get these! They are beautiful!

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