12 week old - are they hens or roosters??


6 Years
Oct 15, 2014
I have 15 12-week old chickens and we can only keep 6 hens. I think I can tell what most of them are, but I'd love some additional feedback. Thanks so much!!!

I have 2 speckled sussex (I think that's what they are).


Speckled sussex #2 (female?)

I have 3 Silver Wyandottes

2 of them look exactly like these pictures (I can't tell them apart). - Males?

My 3rd silver wyandotte looks like this - female?

I have 1 golden wyandotte - female?

I have 4 Plymouth Barred Rocks. They are slow feathering - got their feathers about 2-3 weeks after all the others. These 4 look exactly alike - I can't tell them apart at all! I think they are all either one or the other, but I have no idea!

Last I have 5 easter eggers. I think they are all female, but I have a hard time telling them apart also. Here are 3 of them - I couldn't get pictures of the other 2.

The 2nd speckled Sussex looks more like a Welsummer. The barred rocks are very light. That might indicate a cockerel. I'm not an expert. Maybe a more experienced person can add their expertise.
I think the 1rst SS is a pullet, 2nd SS is an easter egger pullet, agree the rocks are light so dont know what to make of them otherwise would say pullet. Last EE is a Roo.
It will be really frustrating if all of the barred rocks are cockerels! They are the most friendly of all and I was hoping to keep several of them!
At 6-8 weeks the BR still had their baby feathers and were still tiny! They matured so much slower than the other ones.

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