12 week old Cochin and Wyandotte


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8 Years
Mar 15, 2011
So my cochin I bought as a sexed hen, but she appears to be a rooster :( Any thoughts for sure?

My wyandotte, likewise, seems to be a rooster:

Both are 12 weeks old.

Any thoughts??? Thanks so much!!
Your Wyandotte is definitely a rooster, as young Wyandotte females almost never have such red/prominent combs and wattles. The red patches on the wings (pullets would have a more uniform color) is also a sign of a cockerel. I'm pretty sure that your Cochin is a cockerel, too, as again, that is a lot of comb/wattle for a 12 week old pullet. I'm sorry that your birds are not what they are supposed to be.
The BLRW is a rooster with the shoulder color, the cochin I am voting maybe rooster but not sure at 12 weeks.

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