13 Light Brahma Hatching Eggs Npip

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    Wonderful dual purpose breed. Roosters are 10+LBs hens are 8+LBs. Non aggressive loving birds.
    These eggs are HUGE!!! They are the size of cantaloupes. Ok, that’s an exaggeration. Maybe I need glasses. I think I'm near sighted, or far sighted. Which one make the object look smaller. I think that’s the one I have. Even with them looking smaller, their still as big as cantaloupes. OK, now that’s just a flat out lie. But I'm sure Y'all know that by now. Oh yea, when the baby's hatch you can put a saddle on them and ride‘em. Opps, I went a done it again.

    These eggs will ship on 1/2/12

    We bubble wrap each egg, lots of padding and double boxed, you will get a DC# after shipping. We accept payment with Paypal @ [email protected]
    You know the routine on the shipping!!!
    We do not ship to Virginia, Hawaii not out side the USA.

    You can see more pictures on our website @ http://sawmillchickenfarm.com/Lite_Brahma.php
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    where did your birds come from. i want to make sure they are not related to mine thanks

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