13 week old bantam chicks

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    these are the three bantams I have left. My mom rescued them because they were abandoned. I separated them from the mother bc the mother was very feral and untamed and flighty she made it all the way to the neighbors yard, unfortunately she became sick with my other flock and had to be culled. So I was wondering if someone could help me sex these chicks. I have heard it is quite difficult to sex the bantam chicks, however iam not sure they are pure bantam,because yhe mom had a beard,but the roo was pure bread dutch bantam. I will post a pic of the mom as well. If anyone can help me determine the sex and breed it would be appreciated thank u. (Both mom and dad were very small)
    and this was the mom

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    i think this one is the roo. It has comb and waddle development

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