13 week old maybe light brahma


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Apr 21, 2011
I posted pics on the raising chick board and thought it might be better over here. Doulce is 13 weeks and is suppose to be a light brahma but she does not look like the older ones at the farm we got her from or like pictures someone else posted of their light brahmas. I am also concerned she is a rooster. Her feathers have come in extremely slow and she even has bald spots. The chicks all get along great so the bald spots aren't from bullying. Any help with breed/gender??? Maybe just funny light brahma genes????? Thank you for any help.

But do you think its a roo???? Shouldn't it be obvious at 13 weeks what it is?? He/she is so funny looking that its cute.
It's a Dark Brahma. From the stance, patchy feathering, red face, and darker coloring, I'm going with cockerel. Plus, are those hackle feathers I see?
Ok, I could be talked in to Dark Brahma though I still have my doubts ( I wonder what a LB, DB cross would look like?), s/he's just so much lighter than mine (not to mention naked so I'm sticking with roo) at the same age:

And then one at 14 weeks that shows her feathering and lacing a little better:
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