14 week old white silkie with Pasty butt Help.


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Feb 25, 2008
White Plains KY
Three days ago found my 14 week old white silkie laying listless on the ground with one legg stretch out and stiff. He also had poop stuck to his butt. I took him and cleaned all of it off in warm water then placed him in a secluded place in the run. The next day he was back to his old self with a clean rump. This morning I found him listless again in the corner with pasty butt again. I've seen on here others talk about pasty but but I don't know what to do for him other than clean him up. Help!!!
one leg in front and one in back is a typical posture indicating Mereks.
Try offering a live culture yogurt free choice.
I suggest you use the search function here as there are SEVERAL threads on this subject many with several excellent articles explaining mareks.
Whenever you have a bird die it is a good idea to get a proper necropsy (which is the only way to get any kind of resolution on what the bird actually died of).

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