15 week Bielefelder roo and 9 week Crested Cream Legbar roo. Will the larger attack the younger?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Coop de Grass, Jun 5, 2016.

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    I have a 15 week Bielefelder roo who has started crowing, and is trying to mate with some of the hens. Some are his age, some are 11 months old.

    I also have a CCL roo that is 9 weeks old. He and 2 pullets have been living in a separate coop and have been slowly integrating with the rest of the flock. They seem to be ok with all of the hens, or I should say that the hens are ok with them! They have lots of escape routes, and tend to stay away from the big girls. The 15 weeks pullets do not bother them at all.

    Last night I saw the three 9 week olds looking into the main coop as though they wanted to go into it. The 15 week roo heard them and came down the ladder to watch, but didn't do anything. The 9 week olds looked in several times, and then just roosted on branches outside the main coop.

    Should I be worried about the larger roo confronting the younger one?

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    You will just have to combine them and see how it goes. Technically the young one should run and the older one should mostly ignore it, but they are both young, so anything goes. Just be ready to be a referee.
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    That is exactly what happened! The younger one stayed out of the way, and the older one ignored it. Not sure if that will work inside the coop, but outside it seems ok. Tonight the three tweens did not go into their little coop, and chose to roost in the covered run, just outside the main coop. I decided to let them be.We will see how they did in the morning.

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