16 week silkie no crow-- any chance i have a girl?


Mar 26, 2020
16 weeks on Tuesday. I have no idea what the quality is, my husband got it for me from a local breeder as a surprise at 3 days old 💜 i mention the quality because it doesnt have any comb development, but I have heard that better quality silkies can take longer to mature and have smaller combs (dont know how true this is) I dont have any roos in my flock because my last one was a noisy dimwit so I was hoping that if this one was a bit it would have revealed itself with a crow by now. Is that a thing? Anyway, I can have roos, but I don't really care for them so I'm hoping it's a girl.


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Thank you! As you can imagine I have been combing through all of the silkie sexing articles for months now and I just can't decide! The smaller poofs seem to typically be on males, but the complete lack of comb and low carriage made me wonder if it was a girl. I posted on Facebook groups and most people said girl but the people who called boy were so confident it's a boy 😂 I was really hoping that it would have crowed by now if it was a boy since I dont have any males and a small peaceful flock

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