16 wk old hurt, please help!


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Apr 17, 2012
Iron Station, NC
My 16 wk old Polish has been injured by a Silkie. Injury is around one side of her face and really doesn't look bad. I've cleaned it up and have her inside under a heat lamp since she was shaking and her feet were cold. She's peeping at me but is limp and her head is just lolling over to the side like she cant control it. She has had some diluted Gatorade by a dropped and was drinking it willingly. She is flopping around in the box though and ends up on her back which can't be a good thing. Is she just in shock? Could her neck be broken, although I would think she would be dead by now if that were the case. What do I do now?? Newbie here! !
Give her a day or two to recover, at least. I have seen the floppy head/neck thing before after an injury and with full recovery in 48 hours or so. IF she doesn't recover in a few days I think that is bad.

Try to keep her calm and comfortable, with heat as you do. Try to keep her off her back if possible.

I'd go back to water. Scrambled egg is good nutrition for emergencies.
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I would add some vitamin E to her diet. (400IU) It may be part of the injury, but I have a pullet that got wry neck from an injury. Plus, it doesn't hurt to get some vitamins in her just in case. If you can get selenium too, it helps with the absorption of the vitamin E.
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