17 chicks and counting...


14 Years
Jan 7, 2009
Central Pennsyltucky
Well, I have three sizzle chickies and one cochin chickie, though I think I may loose the cochin and one of the sizzles. But, I also have a hatch of 13, with 8 more eggs in the incubator. They were supposed to be redbreasteds and regulars, plus 6 extras that were supposed to be silvers. The RB's and regulars had a small chance of splash. Looks like I don't have ANY regulars or RB's, just looks like a bunch of silvers... Not a big deal, but, eh. I don't think I have any splashes, at least not yet, but I knew the chances were fairly slim.
It is very rare to have buttons that breed true at this point I only have one pair that breeds true I am working on having them all breed true it takes time!
Eventually... Lol. I just wish my birds would start laying instead of me having to order eggs in.
But, on the other hand, I'd like to get some curlies, splashes and pies, darn it!
Well, hrmm. There are like three in there that look like whites. There's a chance that they might actually be splash, because I haven't checked them over for darker spots.
Well, no splashes, but there are two whites and I think an ivory, plus a cinnie, a wild type and a bunch of silvers/slates. Hopefully the whites are hens, then I can set up a white community and mix the bloodlines. I wasn't too concerned about colors on this batch, I just wanted some splashes, but like I said earlier, I knew the chances were slim. At least I have some new blood around here.

And, the chicken chickies seem to be doing ok. I didn't think the two were going to make it, I had to pull the one completely out from a simple pip, the other one was zipped most of the way but was then glued inside and couldn't finish. They took awhile to find their feet, but they seem to be ok. I tossed them in the brooder with the buttons and they all seem to be getting alone pretty well. The buttons are using the chicken chicks as broodies, lol. I still can't get over how cute that is.
awh that's my favorite part about raising quails with chicken chicks. The monster chicken chicks become unknowingly broodies for the quail babies
I have some adorable pictures somewhere.....

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