17 day old Seb. Questions?


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My babies are now 17 days old. What should I be feeding them. Right now they are on Non meditcated Chick starter. Their poop seems to be a little waterie. Should I be giving them grass or veggies?
Get the babies on grazing as soon as you can, it is really good for them and in the wild they start grazing as soon as they all leave the nest. I have a pyramid shaped cage 4 x 4 I got at the feed store and set it up right by my back porch on the grass (when I had grass that is LOL) and put the babies in there to graze safely while I did housework. Grazing (if you have it) is also the best, most natural nutrition for them.
Add some probiotics to her diet until the poop begins to have some more form. So far, this has done quite a lot for my little geese. In the wild, they will pick at their mother's droppings and thus populate their digestive tract with flora that is needed to properly digest food and absorb nutrients. Probiotics are a means to good, long-term health and well-being, and generally make it easier for the caretaker as well. Offer dark, leafy greens and grass to graze on throughout the day. Cutting down protein is a good idea, as starter diets are meant to be fed when babies need the most protein to grow. Too much protein can cause problems like angel wing. Along with the grass and greens, remember to offer grit that is properly sized for the bird, as well as clean sand which is good for digesting fine blades of grass.

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