17% Pellet feed not looking to good for hens

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6 Years
Feb 10, 2013
I had my 2 hens on 30% game bird feed from Purina for a while and it ran out so I bought 17% feed from a local guy...
1 of the RSL hens I had absolutely loved it and would constantly eat it throughout the day...I was amazed....
I had 2 kinds of pellets in there (larger sized pellets 18% protein and 4 % calcium). The other bird would mostly eat the 18% pellets.
I think the 30% did them better, because I'm noticing one of the birds a little whinny in the A.M's and she is making noise to come out of her coop, she never did this before....was more calmer....
noticed egg size went down a bit too!
There must be something in that game bird feed that the hens really like....
I don't see them eat so aggressively out of the other 17 % feed.

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