17 week pullets won't leave the coop


12 Years
Nov 30, 2010
Elkhart, IN
Yesterday I bought 4, 17 week old pullets from a farmer. I put them in the coop so they would not be stressed and they stayed in all day. I locked them up at night and today the doors are open and non of them have ventured outside. Where they were raised, they never went outside. I'm afraid to take them outside because I don't think they will know how to get back in the coop (it has a ramp). I don't want to have to chase them down and put them in at night. Question: should I just let them finally come out on their own?
I encourage mine to go back in the coop with a light. They go toward the light at night USUALLY. I have had to help them a time or two. I also have a ramp and my chicks were younger. Now they go in and out on their own.
I had the same problem with some battery hens I bought. It took them days to venture outside and I had to walk through the pasture like the Pied Piper with them following me around, so they can free range. Now they are all over the farm! Just be patient.

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