18+ Bantam Salmon and Blue Salmon Faverolles eggs 24 hr auction


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Oct 5, 2007
This auction if for 18+ eggs from my blue salmon and salmon faverolles pen. I haven't shown but I will be showing on March 21st. These are from a blue salmon cockerel over salmon and blue salmon hens. You will get some very good genetics with these eggs the cockerel and some of the hens are from Hattricksilkies and two of the hens are form Dick Bourlangers bloodline and are very very nice. This will be one of the last auction I post from this cockerel as I will be selling him and replacing him with another blue salmon from a diffrent line. I package very well and have never had broken eggs I have had several people get 100% hatches with my shipped eggs. These will ship out either Monday afternoon or Tuesday depending on your prefrence and my ability to go to the post office. I cannot be held accountable for your hatch rate but if the eggs are broken during shipping and you take pictures documenting the damage I will replace them (only with pictures). I always try and include extras and I should hopefully have some for this acution.

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Here are some of the eggs you will be getting (picture was taken yesterday)
Thanks these are my only breed and I have a small number of them so each gets individual attention. I also believe grass improves the health of the birds and the chicks that hatch from their eggs. That is why my coop and runs are movable so that they get fresh pasture daily or at least weekly. Thanks that is exactly what I want to hear I love these birds and I am glad you like them to.

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Beautiful birds! I am hoping I win, since I am finding it VERY difficult to get Bantam sized Favs. I have 2 roosters and 1 hen and out of that, we hatched 2 chicks, but one died a few days later. The one that lived is another boy who I haven't decided if we are going to keep or not, because he is getting quite the beard and muff...looking very handsome. I want to concentrate on this breed. Yours I have been admiring for some time. Very beautiful birds! Keep up the good work!

Yvette - Vermont
Hope you win they are still a rare breed and I have worked hard finding the best bloodlines and having them shipped from all over. I will have at least 20 eggs for this auction. These chicks will be good for diversifying stock they are from hattricksilkies and dick bourlanger lines. I will include eggs from the jeff oxley pen but those will most likely be infertile.

Good luck,

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