18 Easter Egg and Olive Egger mixed test hatching eggs

Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

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9 Years
Jan 26, 2010
Texas, Panhandle
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Everyone is geared up and laying like crazy, so I decided to offer up another auction. My Easter Egger and Olive Egger girls just started laying, and they are laying some super pretty olive, green, blue, and every other color you can think. They are too gorgeous to eat. I'm not incubating right now, otherwise I'd be hatching them out for myself. All the eggs I've cracked open have been fertile so I know the boys have been doing their stuff, but I cannot however guarentee your hatch rate due to the P.O. and their history of breaking eggs so please remember shipped eggs is a gamble. All my OE and EE hens are running with my mixed flock so the eggs may or maynot be pure. Most likely not. I do however have OE roosters running with them so they could be, who knows?? It'll make it more of a surprise when they hatch!

Pictures of the possible fathers:

Dark Lavender LF Ameraucana

Brahma x EE

Lighter Lavender LF Ameraucana boy

Bantam Lavender Ameraucana boy in my lap trying to get hand outs

Giant Barred Cochin

Winston - Light Sussex rooster

Black Orpington cockerel

Splash Olive Egger boy

Olive Egger boy - Ford the 2nd

Coronation Sussex boy and Alice the OE

Mothers of the eggs in this auction:

Easter Eggers:

Julia - Dark Blue EE

Wild Thang - Crested EE

Browny - EE x Game (there is another girl, Meggie, that looks just like this'n)

Olive Egger 'Gals

There are three OE pullets that look like this, most of the olive eggs will be coming from these girls

Alice - OE

Black OE pullet

Unsure is this is a Black EE or OE??

Group shots of the OE and EE gals and boys in with the flock

Egg pictures:

Send payment to: [email protected]

If you have any questions concerning this auction please PM me. Thanks and happy hatching!

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