18 week old EEGGER straining to poop


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Apr 11, 2016
Has anyone ever had this happen my chicken has been struggling to poop,she strains and only a little poop comes out and water shes been eating and drinking and acting completely normal other than shes not pooping right. I looked at her bottom and do not see anything stuck to it the feathers under her vent are wet though. Ive been giving her apple cider vinegar in her water also watermelon. Im not sure what else to do any help would be greatly appreciated oh she is not laying yet nor is her face very red so i dont think its egg bound but im not sure these are my first chickens. Thanks
Okay so ive been looking on the site and now im thinking she might be trying to lay her first egg but this straining has been going on for 2 days now and if shes egg bound will she make it? Any help would be greatly appreciated its late should I give her a warm bath now or in the morning?
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