1st attempt at incubating. got questions

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    i've got a little giant 9200 w/ air circulation fan , 1 vent hole on top & egg turner. i'm getting 24+ bcm eggs in 3days.
    1. once i get them do i need to let them "rest" ( let temp even out ) before i put them in bator ?
    2. big end up or small end up ?
    3. humidity while incubating y/n benefits/problems
    4. lock down on 18th day, what to do. plug vent hole ect.
    5. anything else i need to know or do.

    i've been reading the forum so i have a good idea what i need to do, but thank you in advance for any nuggets of incubation wisdom.[​IMG]
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    1 start your incubator before you have eggs ready to go in
    2 make sure your temps are accurate should be 99.5 in the circulated air incubator
    3 check your humidity I usually go with 35-40% for the first 18 days
    4 I leave one plug in until day 18 then remove both.
    5 eggs go in the turner pointed side down
    6 set eggs count the first complete 24 hours as day one ie put eggs in 5/22 @ 5:30PM your first day is 5/23 @5:30PM
    7 leave incubator alone once eggs are set do not open unless you have to add water (i wait until humidity goes down to 25% then I add more)
    8 on day 18 remove turner and candle eggs
    9. increase humidity to 65-70% for the last 3 days
    10 once the eggs start to hatch do not open until all are dry (try to leave them in until all have hatched)
    This is my way of incubating eggs This is not to say it is the only way.
    One other suggestion I do not adjust the temperature once I set it at 99.5 if the incubator goes lower I cover it with a large towel or blanket making sure to leave vent holes open
    hope this helps Good Luck
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    Good information right there!

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