1st Chicken Died; 2nd "depressed"


11 Years
Aug 1, 2008
Our first backyard flock of 4, all 2 years old. Australorpe found dead yesterday morning in the same location where she always sleeps. We hadn't noticed any signs of trouble before she died. No signs of trauma, injury or coat damage. A mild California fall, so can't be weather related. Has been wetter than usual, though.

2nd chicken (easter egger) is now acting "depressed." Roosing inside the coop, which she NEVER does. Let me touch her, which again, is very unusual--she'd usually run away. She is pooping. I fear she's sick.

Other two birds still acting normally. Any ideas? I fear I'm about to lose the entire flock.

and paste the questions from this link into your post and answer as many of them as you can. Pictures of the remaining birds would also be helpfull if that is possible. I'm also pasting the link to the "poop page" below, hopefully that will help you figure out what you're seeing in that regard. Sorry you lost one, I'm sure it's extra hard with a small flock.


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