1st egg...but ugh!

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    Sep 27, 2010
    I finally got my first egg....but, it was on the ground way outside the coop, smashed and 2 of my hens were eating it...I stopped them and ground it into the ground...now...I have all my pullets looking ready, ie: reddening of the combs, and getting "nailed" by the roosters...but no more eggs.

    Since this one was on the ground, do I need to encourage them to lay in the boxes by placing golf balls or something, or will they figure it out on their own?

    **update: I saw someone else posted this same question...the answer is as I thought, golf balls or plastic eggs etc....we will see what happens today, since I have no idea who of my 16 laid it...I have noticed the Gold Comets hanging around inside the coop more since then...
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  2. Hopper

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    Aug 5, 2011
    I dont have an answer as I am a newbie...but would love to hear what other say...
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    azalia, indiana
    If you have golf balls handy, it wouldn't hurt. Sometimes, when mine are getting close to laying first eggs, I keep them in the coop and run, instead of free ranging. The hope is it will restrict the options on where to lay, they'll see older girls using the nest boxes and all of that will combine to get them laying in the right place.

    Good luck, and enjoy the eggs!

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