1st EGG!


8 Years
Apr 25, 2011
WEll I bought 14 chicks on April 24th, they were a few days old then. Mixed batch of chicks, 2 Cuckoo Marans, 2 BSL's, 3 Langshans, 3 WHite Leghorns, 4 RIR's. Well since they are hatchery birds I bought from my local feedstore, some are hard to tell.. LOL Goiod news, went out to give the chicks some treats in their run, and heard a chick still in the coop. Look inside and one of my BSL's is in the nest box, clucking and moving the nest material over her shoulder with her beak... YAY! Since I had read so much on here, I knew she was going to be laying an egg, I backed out and gave her privacy. WItin 10 minutes I hear her doing the chicken song! Ther rooster started crowing.. the other hens just stood still in the run. Waited a bit and went out and retrieved the egg... well my daughter got the honors.
AS expected it is small.... but good color. I know they will get bigger as time goes by. Well that 1 eggs got mixed in with some chorizo and potatoes immediately.
I have added 3 BR's and 3 BO's to my flock, they are 3 weeks younger, so now have 20 in that flock. Just hoping the rest of the hens get to laying soon to.



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