1st incubation

I have only hatched once, so I don't know a whole lot :oops: :p I wouldn't suggest candling every single day, it can be rough on the embryo. I candled on day 7, 12, 14, and on lockdown (day 18). Toss any dead embryos, if you don't they can rot and possibly explode, contaminating the other eggs.

You can find any kind of light around the house to candle, I just used the flashlight on my phone. I candled at night so it was really dark.

Keep us posted!! :jumpy :pop
May i ask if u candle as early as day 4? Im lost n scared lol

You certainly can candle this early, but I would ease up on the candling until day 7.

If they are growing correctly on day 4, they should look like this:
day four.png

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