1st time broody at 7 years old??

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Jul 14, 2013
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All, I've searched and haven't found this addressed - one of my cream legbars has gone broody for the 1st time - she just turned 7 last month. Does that seem like a thing? I'm worried it could mean hormonal changes from some sort of reproductive disorder, rather than basic broodiness - she has had a tendency toward occasional unshelled eggs and this year started laying pointy-shaped eggs.
Hmmmm...unusual to go broody so late in life. It probably is "henopause" rather than broodiness...however, my Cream Legbar (about 4 years of age) has flirted with brooding off and on since she became a pullet. She's never gone more than a day in the box, but this year, while again not having the patience to sit still for 21 days, did take over the hatched chicks from another hen and has been mothering them.

With such late set onset, I'm inclined to think deterioration of hormones and would really check her over to be sure she isn't simply too arthritic or feeling unwell to get out of a nest.

It is more unusual for chickens to go broody that late in life but no unheard of. Last month my eight year old Red Sex Link went broody and hatched a chick. I agree to check if she is actually broody or if she is feeling unwell.
Thanks, folks - I should describe her behavior - the past week she has been clucking non-stop, walking turkey-like and puffing up her hackles. Yesterday and today I've found her sitting on eggs - yesterday she laid one, then sat on that, her sister's egg, and the golf ball. Today it was on her sister's egg and the golf ball and I remove both and send her on her way - she seems at least to leave when there is nothing round to sit on. But she is crazy clucky, but not looking/acting unwell at all.
The older ladies go broody here quite a bit.
They actually stick with it better than the young ones.
I just give them a little more tlc, extra snacks and extra bug checks.
I'd want someone to do that for me if I suddenly wanted babies at sixty or seventy.
:D me too!!

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