1st time intro of new chicks to older chicks. What is the best way?

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Aug 7, 2010
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I plan on making my first introduction of new chicks to older ones in a few weeks. The babies will be about 5-6 weeks old and the older ones will be about 16 weeks old. What is the best way to do this? Day supervised visits? Also, when can you let them in the coop together and how to go about that? Should I wait longer than 5-6 weeks old?

Than you!
How many older ones and younger ones do you have and how big is the run? or do you let them free range? If they are in a run and there is not a lot of room, I would wait to introduce especially since the younger ones are still 5-6 weeks old. However if they are free ranging they have more room to run around if they're being chased or pecked at. I would keep them separated and definitely supervise them because the 16 week olds will be mean. In fact I had this experience today, and now I'm going to wait to put my 5 week olds in (even with a divided space!). If they are in a run you could separate them but I would make sure that the little ones can't stick their heads or beaks through to the other side.

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