1st timer chicks moved to coop - need advice


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May 13, 2014
So wow. The hard part is over. Build a coop they said, it will be fun, they said.

I don't think my legs will ever heal from all those hardware cloth scratches. Ugh!

Anyway, chicks are in the coop. All seems well. It's raised a couple of feet and I build a run with it. For the first time today they jumped down into the run and explored a little. I had to put them back in the hen house myself. I've read a lot of people don't use ramps. They take up a lot of space etc. Not sure what to do. I'd like not to use one if I can. How old before they should be able to fly/jump a couple of feet back into the hen house? I got them the week before Easter so they're 7 or 8 weeks old I guess.


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Your chicks are old enough with enough wing feathers to achieve good lift off. They are able to get up to place at least four feet high, maybe more. They will surprise you.

They can even achieve low level flight if you give them a decent runway.


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Welll...a ramp can take up too much space, especially in a tight coop or run.
And they can fly pretty high,
but may need a landing pad just outside the pop door or nest,
especially as they get older and their wing span exceeds the opening.

But a ramp can be a lounging place as well as a path in and out,
sometimes egress traffic backs up and the ramp is a staging area.

I just 'trained' my newest chicks to go in and out of the coop..added a half block and a smaller ramp, sprinkled it with chick starter grains from bottom to top. First day I had to throw them out into the run and gather them back up at night. Second day I let them go out on their own sprinkled ramps with 'bait' and they put themselves to bed that second night....fastest training yet, I was thrilled!

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